Shifa Al-Khobar
Medical Center

Established since 2003, Shifa Al-Khobar Medical Center has established itself to become one among the most prominent healthcare service providers in Saudi Arabia.

Working Hours

Sunday              7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Monday            7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Tuesday            7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Wednesday     7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Thursday          7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Friday                 8:00 AM     11:00 PM

Saturday            7:00 AM     11:00 PM

Patient Care

Our patient-centric approach ensures your wellbeing and medical needs are taken care of by our highly skilled and proficient team of Doctors and medical professionals.

Efficiency with Affection

Being a well reputed medical service provider with a successful and efficient background, we at Shifa Al-Khobar make it a point to cure illnesses and save lives with the utmost affection and care, thereby building a relationship of trust with our patients.

About Us

Shifa Al Khobar Medical Center takes pride in being a leading multi disciplinary healthcare service provider. Since our inception in 2003, we have spread our wings of wellness by successfully establishing 3 medical centers to provide the best medical solutions and services across the Kingdom.

Our Vision

To provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for healthcare in the Kingdom by adopting the best clinical and healthcare management practices.

Our Mission

To inspire and promote a healthy living and overall well being by providing the best healthcare to meet the evolving needs of the community around us.

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